How long does it take to receive my order?

Most orders will take 2-4 weeks though at the height of the show season, it may take up to 6-8 weeks. Each and every image is individually prepared. Please note, when you order expedited shipping, it only rushes the shipping process. Shipping estimates quoted on the order form ONLY refer to the actual shipping process once the order has been edited, processed, sent to Zenfolio, printed, packaged and sent out for shipping. To have your order handled more quickly, please contact me directly by email to discuss your needs. If I know that you have a deadline or it is a gift, I will do my best to take care of your order as quickly as possible.


What is the difference between the various digital file size options?

SMALL Personal Digital Files: Perfect for online/email sharing - One Small Personal Digital File (2020 forward, 1024x683) that you can download relatively quickly (usually within a day or 2 but can be as long as a week during the busiest time) to show friends and display on your phone, tablet, laptop or computer. It has only been minimally processed and it will be exactly as you see it online. It is sized for the web and sharing - best for viewing purposes. There will be a small signature down in the bottom right corner of the image. NOT recommended for printing. NOTE: SMALL SQUARE FILES will be sized as 1080x1080 with a signature, ideal for INSTAGRAM.

MEDIUM Personal Digital Files: Perfect for printing - a Medium digital file (1200x1800 ppi) created for you to print your own photographs.  Will be edited to bring out the best in your image so please be patient - may take up to a week or longer to receive the download notification. Recommended for 4x6 prints (best quality) and 5x7s. There will be a small signature. Personal use only.

LARGE Personal Digital Files: Perfect for printing - Large digital file (2400x3600 ppi) created for you to print your own photographs – best for 8x10/8x12s and possibly larger. This will produce the highest quality prints and will be the best choice if you intend to crop the image. Will be edited to bring out the best - please be patient - may take a week or longer to receive the download notification. There will be a small signature. Personal use only.

ORIGINAL Files: All of the original uncropped pixels. Will be minimally processed unless you request no processing. 


Will Digital Downloads be immediately available?

SMALL Digital Downloads will usually be available shortly (within 24-48 hours but can be as long as a week during the busiest time of the year) after you complete your purchase and you will receive an email alert with instructions for downloading the file. These files will not receive additional editing but will appear exactly as you see them online. They will have a small signature in the bottom right corner. SMALL SQUARE FILES may require an additional day or two as they will require additional processing and will also have a signature.

MEDIUM & LARGE Digital Files will be individually edited and receive the same careful preparation as those that are created for print and will also include a small signature. The usual turnaround time for edited digital files is 1-3 weeks. As with print orders, if you have a special need for an expedited file, please email me directly.


What does "pending approval" mean?

Pending approval is Zenfolio's way of saying that they are awaiting the processed file or files for printing. It does not mean there is a problem with your payment. It does not mean you have to do anything else to approve it yourself. All orders are processed in the order in which they were received and unless you've expressed a need via email that the order needs to be rushed and we can accommodate the rush, previous orders need to be completed first and your file or files need to receive their individual editing and processing before the files are sent to Zenfolio.


Is there a difference between indoor and outdoor imagery?

Yes. Indoor show photography will usually be shot without flash. The action shots will tend to have a grainier quality due to decreased available light coupled by the need to still shoot at an adequate shutter speed to capture the fast action. The better the light and the closer the jump, the better and cleaner the image will be. Presentation shots will probably be photographed with a flash and they will tend to be of a cleaner, sharper quality thanks to the additional light.

Similarly, outdoor images photographed with more light/direct sunlight will be crisper, cleaner, brighter and more colorful than those captured on overcast, cloudy or darker days. We photograph in most available conditions since you ride in varying conditions and we do our best to capture the best of you and your horse whenever you show.


Do you do any additional editing?

All prints and larger digital files will receive additional editing. All files are color-corrected, straightened and cropped based on the ordered products. Adjustments are made to selectively fine tune the contrast and brightness of the image and when possible and potentially enhancing to the final image, distracting background elements are often minimized and/or removed. Whenever I can clean a background and still have it look natural, I will do so. If you would like additional editing, it is available for an additional fee billed at $60 per hour in 15 minute increments.

The one exception to this is the SMALL digital download. These files will be exactly as you see them on the website. They have already received basic editing before being uploaded to the site and what you see is what you get.


Can I use the images for advertising?

Personal Image Downloads and prints are intended for personal use only. You can post them on Facebook or on your personal website (always with proper credit to Naimark Photography). Do not remove or crop off the signature/photo credit.

If you need a more substantial advertising license involving extended or commercial interests, please contact us at: [email protected]

Copying/downloading a Naimark Photography image for use in an article or for advertising without contacting us, receiving written permission and paying any applicable fees is not allowed. Unauthorized use of Naimark Photography images will be billed at a minimum of triple the usual fee and may be substantially more, based on usage and our discretion. 


Can I right-click/copy/share proofs and Naimark imagery from the website?

No. Absolutely not. The images posted on this website are for viewing purposes only on this website and used as a reference for purchase. It is a direct violation of U.S. Federal copyright laws to use the proof images in any way for any use at any time. If you like the image, please purchase it. If you are found in violation of this U.S. Federal law and you've copied/printed/shared the proof image online or in any way, you will be invoiced for a minimum of triple the usual amount (may be substantially more) and you are required to remove the stolen image(s).

How do I order pictures?

If you are asking this, you are probably using the Mobile version of the website. There are 2 versions available to you:

1) Desktop Version – optimized for a desktop or laptop and includes the option to purchase prints and files directly through the website.

2) Mobile Version – optimized for viewing on a phone or tablet but only allows for sharing or establishing favorites. If you are on the Mobile version and would like to complete a purchase, switch over to the Desktop version by selecting the Desktop option (probably at the bottom of the page) and you will be able to buy prints and digital files.


Why does it take a while for proofs to show up online?

All proofs are edited for the web. They are leveled, cropped, lightened and prepared for viewing. It is not unusual to shoot 1000+ images per day. They do not all make it to the website but they do need to be gone through, edited, culled and uploaded. This is done so you have a general idea of how the images will look when purchased and it also makes it possible for you to buy and receive good looking SMALL digital files relatively quickly that you can share and post with your family, friends and colleagues.