Karin brings a lifelong love of horses to her passion of photography. From her first all manual camera and handheld light meter, she has spent decades honing her photographic skills. Several years working at a photo studio and as a freelance press photographer for several newspapers furthered her understanding of photography, processing and portraiture. Her equipment of choice now consists of the Sony A1, Canon R5 and a wide variety of professional lenses - wonderful tools to capture the excitement and wonder of people, nature and horses.

Owning a horse for several years gave Karin a real appreciation for the many facets of horse ownership and her years of riding under the wise tutelage of a variety of teachers including Major Hector Carmona (dressage) has contributed to her knowledge and ability to see and catch the best moments of horse and rider. From the dust-filled canyon pass where the cowboys lope to the well manicured ring where the dressage rider perfects their test, from the windswept oceanside gallop to the quiet, late afternoon barn side grazing session, Karin is ready and poised to capture memorable, classic images.

A masters degree in Creative Arts Therapy and years of providing music, art and movement therapy to a variety of people combined with many years of teaching music and serving as the school administrator to a major innovative music school for young children and their caregivers has actually provided a wonderful base for photographing horses. You see, horses are very rhythmic. The next time you observe a horse and rider's approach to a jump, close your eyes. Listen. You KNOW what is happening based on the rhythmic cadence. Combine the senses and the experience becomes even richer, the awareness even sharper, and the ability to anticipate even clearer. There is a natural rhythm to life and how it unfolds before us. Hear it. See it. Capture it.

Karin has become widely published throughout her years of editorial and press coverage. The National Horse Show, The Festival of Champions and The Rolex 3-Day Event are just a few of the equine events she has covered. Her work is used by The World Famous Lippizaner Stallions. An award winner (First Place B&W, AHP), she has been a frequent contributor to calendars, books, magazines and newspapers including The Chronicle of The Horse, Today's Equestrian, Today's Horse, Horse News, The Horse of Delaware Valley, The Plaid Horse, Sideline News, Phelps Sports, Just About Horses (Breyer Magazine), New Horse Handbook, The Essentials of Horsekeeping, Everyday Horsemanship, and 1001 Reasons to Love Horses. Equally at home in the jumper ring, dressage barn, stable side and trailside, Karin is looking forward to capturing special moments with you and your horse.