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Naimark Photography images taken at the CJL Horse Show Series. ©2020 Karin Naimark, Naimark Photography. All rights reserved. Taking screenshots, copying, printing and sharing these unpurchased proofs is a violation of copyright law and strictly prohibited. Thank you for respecting our copyright and purchasing the photos you love!
006 DILLEM - Olivia Roure-Singh017 DYLANO - Alethea Bergad022 NICARMARGUE - Emma Brody034 ZENA D - Callia Bergad036 MARKEN - Angelina Matos037 RLE SIR SHUTTERBUG - Emma Schweizer041 LANCELOT - Angela Jager048 BILLY ENJOY - Ashley Morris056 VELIN DU HOUSSOIT - Elizabeth Lile065 VALIDATION - Isabelle Mesiarik095 DON CHACCO - Bianca Salituri097 MASERATI - Isabella Marchese100 CATOU - Emma Quigley184 DUBLIN 4 - Lucia Mazza-Softcheck194 TIMOTHY VAN HET LINDENHOF Z - Kaitlyn Parker200 TROUVAILLE - Reese Merna217 ICE MAN - Francesca Mazzotta249 CAPTAIN KRUTZMANN - Emma Sameth251 ELOCIA - Kailey Brand258 TOUCH THE SUN - Nathalie Rydin265 COLBREW - Natalie Tezsla270 SAPRANO - Grace Black297 CELTIC 23 - Camille Borres