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Naimark Photography images taken at the CJL, Inc Horse Show at Duncraven Stables in Titusville, NJ USA. ©2020 Karin Naimark, Naimark Photography. All rights reserved. Taking screenshots, copying, printing and sharing these unpurchased proofs is a violation of copyright law and strictly prohibited. Thank you for respecting our copyright and purchasing the photos you love!
000 UNIDENTIFIED003 DIOR - Elizabeth Harvey004 THE FEDERALIST - Claire M. Kirby005 PARTY ROCK - Taylin Iademarco008 MEET VIRGINIA - Cierra Simmons020 DILLIGAF - Juliana Renda048 LEA - Jeannette Pettit060 CABANA BOY - Ella Fischer069 WISHFUL THINKING - Ava May M. Jacobs089 WIZARD OF OZ - Isaiah Cuskie-Garry103 SYMBOLIC - Caralyn Sawyer105 CHEWY - William Slater115 SIR WILLIAM - Ella Fischer144 VELIN DU HOUSSOIT - Elizabeth Lile185 ARMANI - Bethany Pyrros186 SERENDIPITY - Amy Hickey187 MILANO VAN DE STENEHEI Z - Jordan Ferrier188 QUESTIONABLE LOVE - Lauren Stagnitti189 GOODIE TWO SHOES - Haley Pair195 TZAR - Murrin Moffett196 ZAUBERWALD IV - Murrin Moffett