Naimark Photography | 11/19/16 Schooling Hunter
Naimark Photography images taken at The 2016 On Course Show Series Finale as part of the 2016 On Course Horse Shows on November 19, 2016 at On Course Riding Academy Stables, Lafayette, NJ. ©2016 Karin Naimark, Naimark Photography. All rights reserved.
161119-091355 OCRA 2337K NaimarkPhoto161119-091422 OCRA 2338K NaimarkPhoto161119-091522 OCRA 2339K NaimarkPhoto161119-091742 OCRA 2344K NaimarkPhoto161119-091805 OCRA 2345K NaimarkPhoto161119-091929 OCRA 2347K NaimarkPhoto161119-091951 OCRA 2348K NaimarkPhoto161119-092016 OCRA 2349K NaimarkPhoto161119-092109 OCRA 2350K NaimarkPhoto161119-092134 OCRA 2351K NaimarkPhoto161119-092157 OCRA 2352K NaimarkPhoto161119-092258 OCRA 2353K NaimarkPhoto161119-092321 OCRA 2355K NaimarkPhoto161119-092344 OCRA 2356K NaimarkPhoto161119-092418 OCRA 2357K NaimarkPhoto161119-092443 OCRA 2358K NaimarkPhoto161119-092509 OCRA 2359K NaimarkPhoto161119-092619 OCRA 2360K NaimarkPhoto161119-092639 OCRA 2361K NaimarkPhoto161119-092700 OCRA 2362K NaimarkPhoto