Naimark Photography | 9/24/16 2'6" Hunter/Eq
Naimark Photography images taken at The Richard Moriarty Hunter Derby as part of the 2016 On Course Horse Shows on September 24, 2016 at On Course Riding Academy Stables, Lafayette, NJ. ©2016 Karin Naimark, Naimark Photography. All rights reserved.
160924-092041 OCDerby 8104K NaimarkPhoto160924-092128 OCDerby 8105K NaimarkPhoto160924-092128 OCDerby 8105Kv NaimarkPhoto160924-092202 OCDerby 8106K NaimarkPhoto160924-092202 OCDerby 8106Kv NaimarkPhoto160924-092232 OCDerby 8107K NaimarkPhoto160924-092300 OCDerby 8109K NaimarkPhoto160924-092300 OCDerby 8109Kv NaimarkPhoto160924-092457 OCDerby 8110K NaimarkPhoto160924-093038 OCDerby 8125K NaimarkPhoto160924-093038 OCDerby 8125Kv NaimarkPhoto160924-093103 OCDerby 8126K NaimarkPhoto160924-093103 OCDerby 8126Kv NaimarkPhoto160924-093142 OCDerby 8127K NaimarkPhoto160924-093428 OCDerby 8133K NaimarkPhoto160924-093428 OCDerby 8133Kv NaimarkPhoto160924-093459 OCDerby 8135K NaimarkPhoto160924-093459 OCDerby 8135Kv NaimarkPhoto160924-093530 OCDerby 8137K NaimarkPhoto160924-093530 OCDerby 8137Kv NaimarkPhoto