Naimark Photography images taken at the Sussex County Horse Show at the Sussex County Fairgrounds in Augusta, NJ USA on July 15, 2017 as part of the Sussex County Benefit Horse Show Series. ©2017 Karin Naimark, Naimark Photography. All rights reserved. Taking screenshots, copying, printing and sharing these unpurchased proofs is a violation of copyright law and strictly prohibited.
170715-091623 SUSSEX 2286K NaimarkPhoto170715-091629 SUSSEX 2287K NaimarkPhoto170715-091638 SUSSEX 2288K NaimarkPhoto170715-091639 SUSSEX 2289K NaimarkPhoto170715-092531 SUSSEX 2290K NaimarkPhoto170715-092550 SUSSEX 2293K NaimarkPhoto170715-092553 SUSSEX 2295K NaimarkPhoto170715-092554 SUSSEX 2296K NaimarkPhoto170715-092606 SUSSEX 2297K NaimarkPhoto170715-092606 SUSSEX 2298K NaimarkPhoto170715-092607 SUSSEX 2299K NaimarkPhoto170715-092608 SUSSEX 2300K NaimarkPhoto170715-092608 SUSSEX 2301K NaimarkPhoto170715-092613 SUSSEX 2302K NaimarkPhoto170715-092616 SUSSEX 2303K NaimarkPhoto170715-092616 SUSSEX 2304K NaimarkPhoto170715-092617 SUSSEX 2305K NaimarkPhoto170715-092625 SUSSEX 2306K NaimarkPhoto170715-092625 SUSSEX 2307K NaimarkPhoto170715-092631 SUSSEX 2309K NaimarkPhoto