Naimark Photography images taken at The Richard Moriarty Hunter Derby as part of the 2016 On Course Horse Shows on September 24, 2016 at On Course Riding Academy Stables, Lafayette, NJ. ©2016 Karin Naimark, Naimark Photography. All rights reserved.
160924-160800 OCDerby 9092K NaimarkPhoto160924-160818 OCDerby 9093K NaimarkPhoto160924-160818 OCDerby 9093Kv NaimarkPhoto160924-161022 OCDerby 9094K NaimarkPhoto160924-161022 OCDerby 9094Kv NaimarkPhoto160924-161041 OCDerby 9095K NaimarkPhoto160924-161041 OCDerby 9095Kv NaimarkPhoto160924-161626 OCDerby 9105K NaimarkPhoto160924-161626 OCDerby 9105Kv NaimarkPhoto160924-161701 OCDerby 9107K NaimarkPhoto160924-161701 OCDerby 9107Kv NaimarkPhoto160924-161724 OCDerby 9108K NaimarkPhoto160924-161759 OCDerby 9109K NaimarkPhoto160924-161759 OCDerby 9109Kv NaimarkPhoto160924-161814 OCDerby 9110K NaimarkPhoto160924-161827 OCDerby 9111K NaimarkPhoto160924-161827 OCDerby 9111Kv NaimarkPhoto160924-162030 OCDerby 9112K NaimarkPhoto160924-162030 OCDerby 9112Kv NaimarkPhoto160924-162247 OCDerby 9114K NaimarkPhoto